A new report finds that in Minnesota medical marijuana is beneficial for most patients

The Minnesota State Health Department announced that a majority of residents who took part in the medical marijuana program’s first year reported getting “substantial benefits” from their treatment. The participants also said that the side effects of the drug were minimal and there were no serious consequences reported. When asked to rate the benefits of […]

It’s a Fun week at Life Medical Volume 5

This week I have been reminded how different integrative thinking in medicine is compared to the conventional thinking.  It makes me sad to think how hard it is to enlighten some people in the medical society.  Sometimes something is so clear to me, but people around me “just don’t get it”. CANNABIS FOR PAIN Cannabis […]

It’s a Fun Week at Life Medical Volume 4

It’s a Fun Week at Life Medical Volume 4 CANNABIS FOR CROHN’S DISEASE/ULCERATIVE COLITIS/IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME I am still so grateful that I am able to treat patients using cannabis. It is so effective for so many conditions and the side effects are very minimal. Cannabis continues producing the most remarkable responses, and the blessings […]

Using Cannabis or Homeopathy to Treat Epilepsy

Two Alternative Ways to Treat Epilepsy are Cannabis and Homeopathy EPILEPSY My name is Jacob Mirman, MD, DHt, CCH, MHOM. My practice is Life Medical in St. Louis Park. As a doctor who offers evaluations and certifications for patients who may be eligible for the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program, I see many conditions that are […]

It’s a Fun Week at Life Medical Volume 3

It’s a fun week at Life Medical Volume 3 BACH ESSENCE This week I had a case that involved a woman from Russia.  She was feeling very depressed. This patient didn’t have any medical insurance and was not able to afford any kind of expensive treatment so we considered what to do. After listening to […]

My thoughts on medical research

My thoughts on medical research By Jacob Mirman, MD Medical Director. Life Medical Life Medical is an integrative clinic.  That means we use multiple modalities in treatment of our patients, both so called “conventional” ones and “alternative” or “complementary” ones.  I use quotes around these terms because in my opinion the distinctions are strictly arbitrary, […]

It’s been a fun week at Life Medical Volume 2

It’s been a fun week at Life Medical Volume 2 BOOK FOR SMOKING CESSATION A patient came in to see me and asked for a prescription for Chantix which is the most popular pharmaceutical to help people stop smoking. Instead of prescribing Chantix I suggested that he get this book which in many cases seems […]

Expert doctor for N648 forms

N648 doctor can help immigrants anywhere in the United States. Dr. Jacob Mirman helps fill out N648 forms for immigrants. To become a U.S. citizen, an immigrant to this country must pass an exam. The exam tests people on the knowledge of the English language including the tasks of speaking, reading and writing. There is […]