It’s a Fun Week at Life Medical Volume 3

It’s a fun week at Life Medical Volume 3


This week I had a case that involved a woman from Russia.  She was feeling very depressed. This patient didn’t have any medical insurance and was not able to afford any kind of expensive treatment so we considered what to do. After listening to her, it sounded like her depression had a lot to do with her recent move here and that she was feeling very homesick. So I used a Bach essence of honeysuckle for her.  After two weeks she said she was much less homesick and was feeling much less depressed. As I have mentioned in previous blog post, Bach essences are often very helpful in case of some situational stress and they are inexpensive and fairly easy to prescribe.


Cannabis keeps bringing us more blessings and gratitude from patients. The most interesting case this week was with an 11 year old girl that I had certified for medical marijuana in September of last year.  I spoke to her mother during a follow up.

The child has epilepsy due to a neonatal withdrawal syndrome from maternal use of drugs during pregnancy.  She was an adopted child. The girl had a long history of bad behavior and poor performance in school. The mother came to us because she wanted to try cannabis so we certified her. The mom is now very happy with the results.

The child is doing much better and can concentrate much better at school and her reading and writing has vastly improved.  Her anxiety level has been greatly reduced and the “fright or flight symptoms” that she was experiencing have disappeared.  She also previously presented with an unusual symptom where she couldn’t figure out which hand was dominant. After using cannabis it is now becoming clear that she is indeed right-handed.  Her balance is much improved; so much so that she can now walk on the balance beam in her gymnastics program without fear. She has been able to stop her sedative medications.


On the homeopathic side, I had a 39 year old man come in from a follow up, who had an interesting case. He was reasonably healthy other than an issue with painful hemorrhoids. These were hemorrhoids not associated with constipation, which is usually the case, but this patient was not suffering from constipation.

The problem was so bad, that he was not able to do many activities including participating in sports. We put him on a homeopathic remedy called Calcarea carbonica 18 months ago. After about 12 months we were able to take him off the remedy. He has been off teh remedy for six months now. I spoke with him recently at a follow up appointment and he is fine and is able to participate in sports again. So for all practical purposes, he is cured of his hemorrhoids.  Previously he had tried ointments and they weren’t effective. He didn’t want to have surgery, so our homeopathic treatment prevented surgery. Homeopathy can be very effective in hemorrhoids, which are literally a royal pain in the ass.