Expert doctor for N648 forms

N648 doctor can help immigrants anywhere in the United States.

Dr. Jacob Mirman helps fill out N648 forms for immigrants.

To become a U.S. citizen, an immigrant to this country must pass an exam. The exam tests people on the knowledge of the English language including the tasks of speaking, reading and writing. There is a section in the test about American Civics which asks questions about the history of the United States its government.

Some immigrants are unable to pass the test.

The majority of immigrants are able pass this test by studying hard.  However, due to medical reasons, there are some people who are unable to learn the material necessary for passing the citizenship test.

In order to get a citizenship exam disability exemption due to physical impairment, mental impairment or developmental disability, immigrants will need to find a doctor who will fill out their N648 form.

There is a medical certification form called N648 used for disability exceptions. It is offered to immigrants who are unable to pass the naturalization exam due to medical reasons.

When immigrants are looking for an N648 doctor, many come to Dr. Jacob Mirman of Life Medical because of his expertise. Not only is he a licensed physician, Dr. Mirman is an immigrant himself and he became a citizen in 1985. When he talks to the immigrants that he helps he tells them what a joyful experience it was when he completed the citizenship process.

Immigrants need an expert’s help in completing the N-648 and that is what they will find with Dr. Mirman. His extensive experience completing the N648 form and can be of huge help to any immigrant living in the United States.

Once Dr. Mirman has performed the initial FREE consultation, and has determined that a person meets the requirements for disability he validates that the person is unable to learn the necessary material required by the US immigration department. From there Dr. Mirman will complete the N-648 form on behalf of his client.

Experience with N648 forms since 1996.

Dr. Mirman is responsible for the success of hundreds of immigrants in their bid for citizenship, which is why so many people call him the “N648 doctor”.

Not once in more than 20 years has Dr. Mirman had a single immigrant that has not been successful in this process while using his help. The doctor will complete each N648 form very carefully and accurately. His work is so good that 98% of his cases were accepted by the immigration department the first time. Dr. Mirman’s careful attention to detail means that his clients avoid the delays of the rejection process.

Dr. Mirman gives all immigrants outstanding service from Dr. Mirman on the form 648, and he offers a money-back guarantee.

When hired to complete the form N-648 (citizenship exam disability exemption), Dr. Mirman guarantees its eventual approval by the USCIS officer. In the rare case that the form is initially rejected, he will revise it as many times as necessary to gain the approval at no extra cost.

Although this has never happened, if the form is not approved and the immigrant is not allowed to re-apply, Dr. Mirman will refund all the fees paid for this work.

You can live anywhere in the U.S. and get help on the N-648 form and a free consultation from Dr. Mirman.

The service to determine a person’s eligibility for a medical waiver and to qualify for the citizenship disability exemption is available to people anywhere within the U.S.

Dr. Mirman’s charges for N648 form preparation are listed below:

Dr. Mirman will talk to each person and go over the information for their particular situation during the free consultation. Usually his base charge will cover the whole process, but in rare cases some additional studies may be necessary.  Some of those additional costs may be covered by the applicant’s medical insurance.

  • -Dr. Mirman’s base charge for an N-648 form is $1,500 per person.
  • -For married couples coming at the same time, the cost for both of them is $2,500.
  • -In rare situations additional tests may be needed to substantiate the disability, and could cost extra.

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