It’s a Fun Week at Life Medical Volume 4

It’s a Fun Week at Life Medical Volume 4


I am still so grateful that I am able to treat patients using cannabis. It is so effective for so many conditions and the side effects are very minimal. Cannabis continues producing the most remarkable responses, and the blessings and gratitude from happy patients continue to pour in.

This week I saw a 65 year old man for a follow-up appointment. When he originally came to see me he had severe Crohn’s disease. He was miserable, and experiencing constant abdominal pain and diarrhea 12-15 times a day. I helped him get certified for cannabis. Three months later he was experiencing fantastic results and said that all of his former symptoms had been resolved. His pain level is now at a zero, and he has normal bowel movements; no more diarrhea. He also gained back the 30 pounds of weight he lost previously due to the bowel inflammation.

Is cannabis the best solutions to Crohn’s?  I would answer that question in this way; yes in the short run but no in long run because it is not curative.  Crohn’s is one of two bowel inflammatory conditions, along with ulcerative colitis.  Both are qualifying conditions for cannabis and they each respond to cannabis quite well. Cannabis is also an option for irritable bowel syndrome because intractable pain is one of the qualifying conditions.


Homeopathy is one of the curative modalities, and I feel that in the long run it is the best option for Chrohn’s, ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome. One of my patients was newly diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and a bowel abscess when she first came to see me. Crohn’s causes holes (fistulae) to be formed in the bowel, and these in turn can turn into abscesses.  The standard treatment for these abscesses is to surgically remove the affected part of the bowel and the abscess, which was the solution originally proposed to the patient.

Her family urged her to refuse the surgery and to try homeopathy instead.  Within one month after starting homeopathy her abscess resolved (proven by pre- and post- CT scans) and over the next few years using the homeopathic treatment, the condition basically resolved altogether. When she had a colonoscopy 15 years later the results showed that she had a normal colon.

Homeopathy works great in inflammatory/autoimmune conditions, including those in the bowel. Along with Crohn’s Disease and ulcerative colitis, homeopathy can also be curative for irritable bowel syndrome.


Another treatment option for inflammatory bowel conditions is NeuroResearch protocol.  So if neither cannabis nor homeopathy works, it is reasonable to try this approach.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition with symptoms similar to Crohn’s Disease. Symptoms can include constipation or diarrhea and also abdominal pains. If there is pain, cannabis can work quite well.  NR protocol also works quite well for this.


I had another cannabis follow up this week with a 46 year old woman who originally came to see me six months ago with “mixed connective tissue disease/Sjogren’s syndrome”. This autoimmune condition causes significant pain, so she was able to be certified for medical marijuana on this basis.  She was also experiencing insomnia, nausea, anxiety and depression. During her follow up appointment she reported a dramatic improvement of all symptoms and said that cannabis was a “life changing therapy”.  Her pain had disappeared, she was experiencing no signs of depression or anxiety and was back to sleeping well.  Even I was surprised because I did not expect such a complete effect. It appears that not only has the pain improved, but the inflammatory process has been reversed as well. Cannabis does indeed have an anti-inflammatory effect, so in theory this can happen.  I believe cannabis in this case was not curative but only palliative. I suggested that the patient try homeopathy as a curative approach.

To read my article on use of homeopathy in autoimmune conditions click here.  I’ve had great results with homeopathy in multiple cases of autoimmune diseases.