Raisa Gringauz, MD, PhD

Raisa Gringauz

Dr. Gringuaz specializes in Physical Medicine. Languages: Russian, English

Dr. Gringauz was born in Vitebsk, Belarus and graduated from Minsk Medical Institute in 1956 with honors. She worked in different hospitals in Minsk and surrounding rural areas as a primary care physician and pediatrician. After completing a residency program in cardiology, she worked in hospitals and clinics as a cardiologist.

Dr. Gringauz immigrated to the United States in 1980. She passed her ECMFG exams and was accepted into the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation program at the University of Colorado Health Sciences in Denver, completing her program in 1984. After her residency, she applied for and was accepted into the Children’s Rehabilitation Fellowship Program specializing in pediatric spinal and brain injuries. She completed the fellowship in 1985.

In May 1985, Dr. Gringauz worked as the Medical Director of Rehabilitation Services in Natrona County Medical Center in Casper, Wyoming. She was in charge of a 16-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit that included an EMG lab and pain management program.

After retiring from her full time position as Medical Director in 2001, Dr. Gringauz moved to Minneapolis and continues to work in her capacity as a medical doctor at several local clinics.

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