Parkinson’s Disease; new treatment without Carbidopa

For patients looking for a new treatment for Parkinson’s disease that doesn’t deplete vitamin B-6, there’s a new alternative treatment without Carbidopa.

There is a new, natural alternative treatment for Parkinson’s disease that does not deplete the body of B-6.

Dr. Jacob Mirman, from Life Medical, specializes in this new treatment for Parkinson’s disease. Many Parkinson’s disease patients will experience profound deterioration in the first 3 to 5 years of the disease. Dr. Mirman believes that much of this deterioration can be caused by Carbidopa and its side effects and not actually Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Martin Hinz developed a new method or using very specific nutritional support to help patients with issues where neurotransmitter balance is impaired.  This includes insomnia, depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, Crohn’s disease, obesity, Parkinson’s disease and some other conditions. The supplements from Neuro-Research use a combination of vitamins as well as precursors of serotonin and dopamine, including the main precursors 5HTP and Tyrosine.

This natural alternative from Neuro Research Protocol’s is available for patients with Parkinson’s disease in Minnesota and for patients all across the U.S.

Life Medical is a full service primary care clinic located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota.  At our integrative medical clinic Parkinson’s patients get the benefit of customized treatment plans that include conventional and complementary therapies.

Our Parkinson’s disease expert is Dr. Jacob Mirman  You can make an appointment with Dr. Mirman at Life Medical in person, via skype or on the phone.  He will take the time necessary to discuss the most appropriate treatment options for Parkinson’s disease.  He offers a free pre-qualification appointment.  His patients appreciate the fact that he spends a great deal of time to develop an individualized treatment plan.

Carbidopa-induced B-6 depletion/deficiency issues can cause:

  1. Choreiform movements
  2. An increase in the Parkinson’s death rate
  3. Glutathione depletion (facilitates neurotoxins)
  4. Dyskinesias
  5. Deterioration of Parkinson’s symptom

Depletion of vitamin B-6 has been found to be a major negative side effect of the conventional drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease.

The most widely-prescribed drug for Parkinson’s disease in conventional medicine is a combination of L-Dopa and Carbidopa. The Carbidopa, added originally to mitigate nausea, depletes the body of vitamin B-6 and this causes numerous metabolic problems and increases the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

Our Neuro-Research Protocol Supplements contain the amino acid L-Dopa; however we use an alternative method to mitigate the nausea. We use the amino acid 5HTP for nausea because it does not cause metabolic problems and does not increase the progression of Parkinson’s disease. We believe in treating Parkinson’s disease using a natural alternative because it does not have the negative side effects and that does not deplete the body of B-6. It is of utmost importance to Parkinson’s patients to have a good level of B-6 because it plays an active role in the making of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that is already in short supply in these patients.

Carbidopa is problematic for Parkinson’s patients.

The only prescription form of L-dopa currently available and prescribed by mainstream medicine is a drug that also contains Carbidopa. Carbidopa causes negative side effects for Parkinson’s patients which is why these patients are looking for a better treatment option.

Dr. Jacob Mirman offers a new treatment option for Parkinson’s patients that is an alternative form of L-dopa without Carbidopa. This new alternative treatment does not have the B-6 side effects associated with Carbidopa. Dr. Mirman of Life Medical strongly believes that L-dopa without Carbidopa is a much better way to treat Parkinson’s patients.

There are many side effects caused by added Carbidoba.

Carbidopa has some very unwelcome side effects because it binds irreversibly to vitamin B-6 and causes problems for all biochemical process reliant on vitamin B-6. This binding process permanently removes B-6 in patients and can cause a serious deficiency. This deficiency decreases dopamine synthesis which can make a Parkinson’s patient’s symptoms worse. These same symptoms caused by B-6 deficiency can be commonly confused with the progression of Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Patients and families can think the disease is progressing more quickly than it actually is due to the Carbidopa side effects. Luckily, when the patient’s B-6 levels return to normal these side effects can subside. In order for that to happen, patients need to try a new natural treatment.