Is weight loss possible? (Natural weight loss treatment, remedies, supplements)

According to this study somebody just sent me, weight loss is not possible:

Actually, the way the study was run, of course it would not work.  But weight loss is very possible, when you do it right.  In weight management, first and foremost, you have to deal with hunger.

Hunger is the most powerful drive we have, more powerful than sex.  So if you have people relying of will power, as they did in this study, of course hunger will win in a vast majority.  But if you succeed in getting hunger under control, then intellect is able to function, and people are able to restrict their caloric intake, which is what it takes to lose weight.  Read this article to better understand the mathematics of weight management.

There are two ways to reduce hunger: limiting carbohydrates (essentially Atkins diet) or manipulating neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine (Dr. Hinz’s protocol).  Both methods require conscious limitation of intake, or they will not work.

Atkins diet works because if there is no carbohydrate intake, there is very limited insulin secretion, and it is insulin, which drives sugar from blood into cells, that makes us hungry.  No carbs, no insulin, no hunger.

Dr. Hinz’s NR protocol optimizes brain function with natural weight loss supplements, containing precursors of neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine.  Brain ultimately controls our appetite.  By providing optimal environment for brain function, we enable it to manage our appetite much more efficiently.  Read this article for a primer on brain function and neurotransmitters.

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