Nutritional considerations in Parkinson’s Disease (Natural Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease)

Dr. Marti Hinz developed natural treatment of Parkinson’s Disease, which is a major advance over the conventional treatment.  Actually,  it is not a fundamental deviation from the conventional understanding, but it is still a major improvement in clinical setting.

It uses L-Dopa as the main ingredient, same as Sinemet.  However, it does not use carbidopa present in Sinemet.  L-Dopa is the gold standard, and everybody agrees with this.  Carbidopa is added for nausea control.  Carbidopa does its job by total depletion of vitamin B6, which has a very important role to play in many processes in the body.  By depleting B6, carbidopa blocks many functions, causes many issues, and eventually causes further progression of Parkinson’s disease and early death.

The role of vitamin B6 in Parkinson’s Disease has been recognized in 1941 by Dr. A.B.Baker, a neurologist at the University of Minnesota Medical School.  In his study published in the Journal of American Medical Association 25% of his Parkinson’s Disease patients improved just from administration of vitamin B6.  B6 has an active role in making of dopamine, the neurotransmitter in short supply in Parkinson’s Disease.  It makes sense that depleting this important vitamin is not the brightest idea.  Yet this is what happens to most Parkinson’s Disease patients as a side effect of their medication (carbidopa in Sinemet).

This is where Dr. Hinz comes in.  He developed a Parkinson’s Disease treatment utilizing the same L-Dopa, but with a different method of controlling nausea.  It turns out that if you support serotonin production with its natural precursors (mainly 5HTP), nausea goes away.  Once nausea is under control, we can increase L-Dopa dose until the Parkinson’s Disease symptoms are under control.  This treatment seems to stop progression of Parkinson’s Disease as well.  What’s even more interesting, this natural treatment for Parkinson’s Disease also helps depression, which is a major issue in this condition.  In addition, it increases production of glutathione in the liver, which is the main way the body removes toxins from the body.  Some doctors actually give glutathione infusions in an effort to improve the body’s ability to detoxify itself.  Glutathione infusions are very expensive, but may help in a variety of chronic conditions.  What do you know, Dr. Hinz’s protocol for Parkinson’s Disease and other conditions, such as depression fibromyalgia and others, accomplishes the same goal at a much reduced expense.

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