Article – Obesity Risk and COVID-19

“As if there weren’t enough documented health issues surrounding obesity, now there is a new and very compelling one. It appears that obesity can increase the risks of serious illness or death from COVID-19. These risks are minimized when people lose weight,” says Dr. Jacob Mirman.

“I have always encouraged patients who suffer from obesity to lose weight. The weight management program at Life Medical utilizes the NeuroReplete supplements, which suppress appetite so effectively, that one can reduce their calorie intake significantly without experiencing any discomfort, such as physical hunger, anxiety, headaches, anger, or whatever other symptoms people experience when they reduce the amount of food they eat. Patients eat “normal food”, not some prepackaged food-like substances. We teach them how to figure out what to eat. Most patients can lose 1-3 lb a week (depending on their weight) until they get to their goal weight, at which point the diet is relaxed and from here they eat a normal healthy diet.

For the safety and convenience for patients, all visits can now easily be handled using telemedicine so the process is easier than ever.

Because of their mood-elevating effect, these NeuroReplete supplements also help the body manage stress. So it’s a dual benefit; patients become less stressed AND less hungry at the same time.

Another good way for patients to manage stress through telemedicine is appointments with our Licensed Psychologist, Dr. Jill Adams.”

Read here about Dr. Mirman’s personal experience with this weight management program

BBC reports: after examining studies, experts conclude that being obese or overweight puts you at greater risk of serious illness or death from COVID-19

The review of evidence by Public Health England found that excess weight put people at greater risk of needing hospital admission or intensive care, and the risk increased substantially as weight increased.


How many Americans are overweight?

In 2016, 71.7% of Americans aged 20 and over were considered overweight. 39.8% of Americans aged 20 and over were considered to be obese. (See CDC Stats on Obesity)

At Life Medical we have a unique approach to medical weight loss that really works. However, it requires significant effort on the part of the patient.

Weight loss is a difficult and often emotional endeavor for many people. Before deciding to let me help you, you should make sure you are comfortable with my views on the issue. Click here and read the full article.

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