Article – The NeuroReplete Weight Loss Program Stops Constant Hunger; One Doctor’s True Story

Scale - WeightlossBy Jacob Mirman, MD, DHt, CCH, MHom

“The subject of weight loss has always been a relevant topic for me. Why? Because I often refer to myself as a “pig” or a “glutton”. For some reason my natural state seems to consist of a constant need to eat. From a very early age I have been looking for a way to combat the feeling that I am always hungry. This constant hunger was very stressful.

I tried eating “fake foods” or the trendy diet foods but that didn’t work. While I was still in medical school I found an herb that was very effective in suppressing my appetite and I did lose weight, but that was not a safe long-term solution. Any drug whether it is conventional or herbal is not a good alternative for huger suppression.

Twenty years ago I received a mailing from Dr. Marty Hinz inviting me to a seminar on this new wonderful weight loss method called the NeuroReplete Weight Loss program. I was initially very skeptical.

However, the timing of the mailing was fortuitous because just before receiving it I had a session with an astrologer who told me that I was ‘too narrow minded and should start listening to other people’. The astrologer also told me that I was too much of a purist for my own good; too focused on one thing (homeopathy) and the pursuit of doing that perfectly. Armed with that advice I attended the seminar.

The method of using natural nutritional supplements as medicine to suppress the appetite seemed very biochemically sound so I decided to try it on myself. I was astonished to discover that the NeuroReplete supplement controlled my constant hunger with essentially no side effects. Using this program I was able to eat a ‘normal amount of food’ and the stress about overeating went away. Almost 20 years later I’m still on the supplements. If I stop taking the supplements, my constant hunger returns.

The hugely beneficial aspect of this system is that using this program we change the biochemistry and create a lot of Glutathione which is the main antioxidant in the body. This creates a much healthier environment because it helps the body detoxify. The supplements help the nervous system do its work more efficiently. This amino acid therapy replenishes and balances the neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine and can provide great benefits to patients trying to control their hunger. The same supplements help other neurotransmitter-related conditions, so they also work as an antidepressant, stop migraines, relieve fibromyalgia pains, help with ADHD and have multiple other beneficial effects.

My understanding of the basic way that the supplements work is that they induce a feeling of satisfaction and that feeling ultimately controls the hunger.

Today I get hungry but only at appropriate meal times. The supplements basically regulate the constant hunger in between meals. When it’s time to eat I’m hungry, then I eat a normal, healthy amount of food, and I’m not hungry any more. If there are days when I find myself looking for food at the wrong time of day I usually discover that I forgot to take my dose of the supplement. This program has literally been a life-saver for me and for patients that are determined to lose weight it can do the same for them.

Dr. Mirman offers free initial consultations for the NeuroReplete Weight Loss Program.

Free phone consults are offered to people that are interested in the program. Dr. Mirman is interested helping patients who have reasonable expectations and will be truly committed to the program. Patients must really want to comply with the program and be comfortable with the caloric restrictions necessary for success.


The expense of the NeuroReplete Weight Loss Program:

There are three main levels of dosing; Level One, Level Two and Level Three. Each level requires a different quantity of the supplement. Personally I need to be on Level Two.

The cost to be on Level One is about $160 a month. The cost for Level Two patients is $240 per month. Level Three patients need the most supplement and therefore pay about $320 a month.

What does being on the program entail?

The program has two basic components:

  1. Patients LEARN ABOUT CALORIES AND TRACK THEM so they can be sure that their intake is between 800 and 1000 calories per day in the active phase of the program.
    The calorie count is increased in the maintenance phase. Most have no idea how many calories are in which types of foods. I tell patients to use this website: to account for their calories in a stringent manner. Weighing food, counting calories and tracking them are essential for a good outcome. Within two to four weeks most patients become so well educated about calorie counts that they don’t have to weigh or count any more.We set the calories at a low rate to achieve the weight loss goal. When people lose weight too slowly I find that they get frustrated and bored. So we like to keep the calorie count low to make the weight loss phase as fast as possible. An extra 200 or 300 calories doesn’t help you that much emotionally, but losing weight faster DOES help you emotionally. 

    Patient example; calorie knowledge matters:
    Recently I got a new patient in for the program who was a very intelligent overweight man. I gave him all the information and the url to track his calories. I saw him a few days after our initial meeting for a follow up. He says he is not hungry and has lost 9 lbs. in one week (mostly water) but at least I know that he is sticking to the diet. He is on Level One and is not hungry which confirms that this is the right dosage for him. This patient told me that the process of calorie counting gave him some surprising revelations. When he started to look at the calorie count for Starbucks’ drinks he was flabbergasted at how many calories he was consuming with them and he was going to Starbucks multiple times per day. Now he feels empowered because he is educated about how many calories those special coffee drinks have. This was a major breakthrough for him. 

    Anyone not on the supplements would have an extremely hard if not impossible time staying on a diet that is 1000 calories or less. And one of the reasons for that is because hunger presents itself in many different ways. Yes it takes the role of physical hunger, but it can also be a reaction to stress or anxiety. Hunger can also cause a multitude of symptoms such as headaches, irritability and lightheadedness.People not taking the NeuroReplete supplements experience these hunger symptoms and that is the main reason why they can’t stick to a normal diet. I carefully regulate the supplement dose (Level One, Level Two or Level Three) and monitor each patient to make sure that they don’t experience these symptoms. Patients are then able to eat very little and lose weight; typically between one or two pounds per week. 

    This system is also a good way to stabilize weight loss that people have achieved.
    Once the patient is at their goal weight we change the calorie count to 11 calories per pound of weight per day. This is a very healthy level of calories to maintain a weight. When the patients start eating more, they continue on the supplements but we carefully watch them to make sure they are maintaining and not gaining.Once we see that they are stabilized we can start to reduce the supplement intake slowly, but for most of them, especially those with the greatest difficulty controlling their appetites and eating habits, they will have to stay on the supplements for the rest of their lives to prevent the constant hunger from returning. The supplement is not a “cure”, which means that most people have to keep taking it because the appetite and overeating is a hard wired condition.





    Patient example; a surprising positive effect of the NeuroReplete supplement:
    Two years ago, even though the supplement was still working well for me, I did an experiment by going off of them sometime around Christmas. In April after I had unfortunately gained 10 pounds on my ‘experiment’ my wife said to me “Why are you all of a sudden getting grey hair?” I had a theory it was because I was off the supplements. We took some pictures and I immediately went back on the supplements. Six months later in October we took new photos and as shown here, my hair was essentially back to its normal color; the greyness was vastly reduced. I believe that the supplement process helps to clean up my system thru the glutathione mechanism explained above and when I went off of them my system manifested this in producing grey hair.

    The NeuroReplete Weight Loss Program can be managed with in-person visits or totally online/via skype.
    I can see program patients in person, or I can do handle all their visits via skype. As far as the number of appointments involved, initially we start by following up every week to make sure that the dosing level is correct, then reduce the frequency of visits once we see stable and stress-less weight loss. I need to make sure that the patient experiences a very remarkable change in their appetite. If that is not happening, then the dosage level is incorrect and needs to be adjusted.

    If the patients are carefully following the program and eating correctly, and they don’t feel like they need additional counseling, the visits can be as infrequent as once a month.

    The supplements can be shipped to patients to make following the program even easier. Not only is this a new way to treat weight loss it is a new way to provide the service vs. the typical in-office visits.

    If the patient has insurance then we bill insurance for the visits whatever the insurance allows. However, the insurance does not cover the cost of the actual supplements; the patients are responsible for that.

    If a patient does not have insurance then I work with them to figure out a plan that makes sense. Our minimum cash appointment charge is $100, but if they need frequent appointments, that cost can be somewhat discounted.

What type of patients fail at this program?
There are patients that fail at this program. Those are the patients that insist that they “eat very little”, or they claim that their calorie level under 1,000 and they are still not losing weight; some are even gaining weight. Here is what I say to them; ‘If God wants you to gain weight without eating then I can’t argue with God. Talk to God and take it up with him. I can’t help you.’ And then of course those people leave the program because they are lying to themselves and to me and are not willing or able to face the truth. I am completely convinced that if a patient complies with the program stipulations, they will be successful.