Life Medical is providing most of our services by using teleconferencing.

Our preferred platform is Zoom, but Skype may also be an option.

Treating Patients With COVID-19

At this time it is generally recommended that people with respiratory conditions do not go to the doctor’s office or the ER unless they are in dire straits. Most cases can be treated by having a visit with the doctor by using Zoom or Skype, or in some cases simply via a phone call. Usually an exam is not necessary to make a diagnosis that leads to effective treatment. You can schedule an appointment with one of our doctors by calling the front desk at 952-933-8900. Most of the treatments for not-so-severe respiratory conditions involve symptomatic relief medications such as decongestants, expectorants, cough suppressants, fever medications, and sometimes antibiotics. These options can be discussed during a virtual visit and if necessary, a prescription can be sent to the pharmacy. Dr. Jacob Mirman often suggests homeopathic medicines as a part of the treatment. Homeopathy has a proven track record of being very effective in several epidemics over the last 200 years; including cholera, yellow fever, typhus, and many others. In Dr. Mirman’s opinion, homeopathy can be very effective in reversing conditions like COVID-19 and reducing its mortality.

In 1918 flu pandemic, while the mortality rate for conventional doctors and treatments reached over 30% of their cases, homeopathic doctors were losing only about 1% of their patients.

The information on the use of homeopathy in epidemics can be found on Dr. Mirman’s website

Here you will find historical data, as well as substantial amount of double-blind placebo controlled research in homeopathy. Dr. Mirman sees patients for homeopathic treatment of acute respiratory conditions including COVID-19 on Zoom, and the prescribed homeopathic medications are provided at no charge in our pickup area in our clinic’s parking lot.

The telemedicine visits can be billed to medical insurance as usual, and patients who don’t have insurance and can’t afford even our already low cash prices will be given substantial discounts. Homeopathy can even be used in the ICU to prevent COVID-19 deaths, including patients on ventilators. However, getting into an ICU to treat patients is practically impossible, so all efforts will be made to be made to prevent the need for ICU.

Patients Can Get Psychological Help Via Teleconferencing

During this pandemic more and more people are stressed and feeling depressed. These feelings can be magnified when patients can’t go out of their homes to get the psychological help they need. NOTE: If your medical insurance requires a referral for a psychological visit, a referral can be made by making an initial telemedicine appointment with Dr. Jacob Mirman at Life Medical. Our front desk staff can aid patients in understanding what requirements need to be met for their particular insurance plan.

If You Are Experiencing PTSD We Can Help

PTSD is one of the qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. People mostly think of PTSD as a chronic condition, stemming from some severe stresses from the past. However, acute PTSD is also a condition and these patients would be eligible for medical cannabis. If you are suffering from acute anxiety caused by the current pandemic, having nightmares and are unable to think of anything else, have physiological reactions like palpitations and sweats, are experiencing panic attacks, etc. you may be suffering from acute PTSD.

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Call us at 952-933-8900 to discuss your condition. Many types of treatments are available at Life Medical, from psychological services to medications, including medical cannabis. Most visits can be done on Zoom, a common teleconferencing platform. The government recently relaxed restrictions on using telemedicine, so all these types of visits can be billed to medical insurance just like in-person visits. Dr. Jacob Mirman is happy to see patients using telemedicine.

Help With Intractable Pain/Pain From Delayed Surgeries

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many elective procedures are being cancelled or postponed. Some of the patients who are experiencing pain had planned to have procedures like epidural injections, radiofrequency ablations, back surgeries, etc. during this time period but are now forced to wait. Medical cannabis may help them reduce pain and wait out the pandemic. The process to be certified for medical cannabis has recently been made easier with the allowance of telemedicine visits for certification. A patient can now be certified for medical cannabis and can be “seen” by a pharmacist all by using telemedicine. The prescription can be dropped off in the parking lot of the facility as well. These are major benefits to patients experiencing PTSD.

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