A note from Dr. Mirman concerning COVID-19 and homeopathic treatment

With this newsletter I’d like to increase awareness of our ability to treat COVID-19 with homeopathy.

In the last few weeks the world homeopathic community has had more experience with COVID. I participate in worldwide zoom forums regularly, and I see that our experience has been positive. Many homeopaths practicing all over the world report good results in COVID cases. In India homeopaths are now seeing patients in hospitals.

Most of the time we see the beginning of improvement within several hours of starting the correct medication, and the improvement continues to full resolution of the disease. The majority of our cases are in the beginning stages, and we tend to prevent worsening of the disease. Nonetheless, there are now enough reports from the field of more severe cases being reversed as well.

Usually it is quite obvious when the medicine is having a beneficial effect in the patient. If a wrong medicine is given, there is no reaction. If there is no reaction within a few hours of the first dose, we change the medicine. Once the right medicine is taken, the course of the disease changes and we start seeing improvement within 2-5 hours. Several medicine changes are usually necessary during the active management phase of treatment, sometimes more than once a day. I take the case on zoom or by phone and provide the medicine at no charge in the pickup area outside Life Medical. Many of the common medicines are also available at Whole Foods and other stores. I usually communicate with sick patients twice a day on email or by phone to move quickly as necessary.

One thing is clear: if one suspects COVID, the treatment has to be started ASAP, so we can prevent possible complications and hospitalization.

At this point I respond to emails from sick patients and we start treatment within a few hours of the initial contact. The ability to do virtual visits allows for more flexibility, and sometimes, if necessary, even evening and weekend hours. This may change if we see many more cases. I will be providing some case reports in the next few newsletters.

It does help to have a remedy kit on hand to be able to start treatment quickly. We do currently have some kits in stock and I am making more. The kit contains most medicines we see in COVID cases. However, sometimes the needed medicine is not in the kit and needs to be obtained from the clinic.

for more information on our flu kit

for more information on the use of homeopathy in epidemic disease

NOTE: It is important to understand that Homeopaths never make any claims to cure disease. Homeopathic remedies do not cure or treat flu, ebola, or any other infectious disease. Homeopathic remedies do not have any direct effect on the infectious agent. But once you get sick, homeopathic treatment aids the body’s own defense mechanism in recognizing the disease and handling it more efficiently, thereby reducing the duration and intensity of the disease.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for telemedicine visits for ANY medical issues!

We are here for you for any kinds of issues you may have; if you think you may have COVID, if you have allergies/asthma, chronic issues or any mental health issues that need to be managed.

When asked about the capabilities of telemedicine, Dr. Mirman replied “We do just about everything right now using telemedicine. My days consist of talking to patients on the phone or via zoom for all types of issues general management of chronic issues, as well as new medical issues etc. Patients that need help with mental issues should also make a telemedicine appointment. Actually right now we are not seeing that many COVID patients. So other patients do not have to worry about taking up an appointment from a COVID patient.”


We encourage patients to make appointments when they are worried whether they may have COVID. Patients should not hesitate to schedule a virtual appointment so we can figure out exactly what the issue is. Allergies are sometimes mistaken for COVID; and we can easily treat allergies with telemedicine. It’s more important than ever to treat allergies right away to make the patient more resilient so they aren’t more susceptible to COVID. Asthma can also predispose you to COVID so treating it properly is very important.

It is important to note that the telemedicine visits are covered by insurance the same way that in-person appointments were.