Gregory Mazo, PhD

Specialization : Mental Health

Languages: Russian, English

Dr. Mazo is a provider at Life Medical whose specialty is psychotherapy. He treats people for a wide variety of conditions, including anxiety, depression, OCD, insomnia, etc. He can often help people with a range of physical conditions when they are secondary to some emotional/psychological issue. Examples include:

  • Hypertension
  • Stomach pains
  • Headaches

Over the course of many years Dr. Mazo has developed a special psychotherapy-based approach to treat stuttering that has helped many patients overcome this disability. His program consists of a combination of three types of therapy to treat patients with stuttering:

  • Psychological exercises
  • Breathing exercises
  • Relaxation exercises

The first thing Dr. Mazo does treating patients with a stutter disorder is to determine the cause of the stuttering. In the patient’s first consultation appointment he performs a careful evaluation and assessment to determine which exercises are appropriate for each patient. He talks with the patient about the end result they would like to achieve, and he determines a plan based on their goals.

Many patients that come to Dr. Mazo are delighted with the results of his program. They have previously tried multiple techniques to treat their stuttering with no success such as hypnosis and speech therapy; but have had great success with Dr. Mazo’s help. Patients have told him that their lives have improved dramatically once their stuttering was under control; they tell him they are so happy not to “feel different” anymore.

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