BJ Goldman

BJ Goldman


With over 30 years in the field, BJ has worked in clinical dietetics for hospitals, outpatient clinics, home health settings, nutrition research (National Cancer Institute and Tufts University Medical School-Boston) and school wellness (National School Lunch Program and after school fitness programs). Languages: English, Hebrew

BJ Kremen Goldman is a registered, licensed dietitian nutritionist with an M.A. in nutrition education from Columbia University. BJ works with clients to achieve optimal health and well-being through a functional medicine approach, helping them to see in a practical way how various nutrients interact with the workings of the human body. All foods can fit.

She provides custom-designed nutrition therapies for a variety of medical conditions including but not limited to: weight control (body fat tracking); blood sugar imbalances such as diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin resistance, thyroid or other metabolic conditions; heart health, including high blood pressure and high blood fats (cholesterol, triglycerides); digestive health; kidney health; back pain; and inflammatory disorders.

Weight control is beyond dieting or simple calorie counting. More important than WHAT we eat is HOW we eat. BJ founded her private practice called the “DERECH Program” based on these principles. Derech means “path” or “direction,” and the acronym stands for “Diet and Exercise to Reach and Enrich the Care of your Health.”

The DERECH program trains clients in using mindful and spiritual approaches to help achieve a new relationship with food; coupled with behavior change techniques, these approaches can help establish lasting lifestyle changes. The DERECH Program was honored with a Gold level award through the Hennepin County Human Services and Public Health Department, for innovative programming that promotes safe and healthy lifestyles.