Medical Legal Advocacy


Medical Legal Advocacy

Service Available at these Locations:

We can help with a wide range of medical legal issues.

We understand there may be times when you need your doctor to help you deal with all sorts of legal issues, like…

  • Working with your insurance company in case of injury,
  • Preparation of immigration forms, or
  • Helping you in navigating the state’s disability determination services.

We also know that mounting bills are difficult when you are trying to heal from a traumatic accident or waiting for a disability determination.

We will remain in contact with you and your insurer to facilitate this process and minimize your stress.

Our team of medical professionals and staff are experienced and comfortable working with your legal team when necessary. When requesting medical records and itemized billing statements, please allow three days for processing these documents. We require a signed, dated, HIPAA-compliant medical records release specifying the name and address of the location the records are to be sent to in order to release this information to a third party.

We treat your privacy as a serious matter. Please see our HIPAA policy.


We are a Preferred Provider for most health care plans.