Herbal Medicine


Herbal medicine has been practiced by humans since the Paleolithic period 60,000 years ago. We have always recognized plants for their medicinal properties, and many pharmaceutical medicines are still derived from the same plants used in herbal medicine. Increasingly, herbal medicines used for thousands of years are being scientifically analyzed and proven to be effective treatments for a variety of conditions; some are even superior to available pharmaceutical options.

Herbal medicine treats more than pathological symptoms. While it is effectively used to treat both acute and chronic conditions, it is also employed in preventive care to optimize the body’s ability to heal itself on a long-term basis. Herbal medicines are also tailored specifically to your individual conditions when they are made in small batches, rather than in bulk form. This allows for people with sensitivities, allergies, and comorbid conditions to receive customized remedies that are not generally available with pharmaceutical medicines, and with fewer side effects. This makes many herbal medicines an excellent option for even young children.