Parkinson’s Disease

Here is a before and after video of a Parkinson’s patient treated with Dr. Hinz’s protocol, to illustrate what can be expected.

The practitioners at Life Medical offer an integrative approach to treat Parkinson’s Disease.

Treatment options include:

  • Neuro-Research Protocol Supplements
  • Medications

Parkinson’s Disease is a slowly-progressive neurologic disease that is characterized by a fixed inexpressive face, tremor at rest, slowing of voluntary movements, gait with short accelerating steps, peculiar posture and muscle weakness (caused by degeneration of an area of the brain called the basal ganglia), and low production of the neurotransmitter dopamine.

At Life Medical we offer a natural treatment for Parkinson’s Disease called Neuro-Research Protocol Supplements. Using L-Dopa as the main ingredient, this supplement does not deplete the body of vitamin B-6 the way that the commonly-prescribed drug Sinemet does. B-6 plays an active role in the making of dopamine which is a neurotransmitter that is already in short supply in Parkinson’s patients so it is important for patients to have a good level of this important vitamin. The NeuroResearch Protocol Supplements also helps depression, which is a major issue for these patients.

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When you make an appointment at Life Medical we will take the time necessary to discuss the most appropriate treatment options for Parkinson’s Disease.

Dr. Jacob Mirman is one of our practitioners who specializes in
the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease.

To contact Dr. Mirman call our office at 952-933-8900 or send
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