Five positive changes for medical cannabis patients

On May 30, 2023, Governor Tim Walz signed the recreational cannabis bill into law

Medical cannabis patients have been asking “Does this bill include changes that may affect me?”

There are five key changes outlined in the recreational cannabis bill that affect medical cannabis patients; all are favorable:

  1. After July 1, 2023, the annual enrollment fee for patients will be eliminated which is a great benefit for medical cannabis users.
  2. After August 1, 2023, patients can conduct their initial certification visit with us via telemedicine. Previously (post-pandemic) this visit had to be conducted in-person, so this is a major benefit especially to Minnesota patients who live in outlying areas.
  3. After March 1, 2025, recertifications will be required every 3 years instead of annually which is the case currently.
  4. After March 1, 2025, medical cannabis patients enrolled in programs elsewhere in the U.S. can purchase medical cannabis in Minnesota using a visiting patient option.
  5. After March 1, 2025, the age for registered caregivers purchasing cannabis flower will be lowered from age 21 to age 19.
If you have any questions about medical cannabis, CLICK HERE to send an email to Dr. Jacob Mirman