Article – Real results from patients using medical cannabis.

General sleep improvement is mentioned by the majority of medical cannabis users no matter what their initial qualifying condition was.

When patients sleep better they find that many other things in their life improve as a result. A good night’s sleep makes them feel happier and have more energy during the day. Many people become more active, exercise more, do less “mindless eating sitting on the couch” and some experience weight loss as an added benefit.

Currently insomnia is not a qualifying condition for medical cannabis in Minnesota, but many people with insomnia also suffer from another condition that does qualify.

Below are a few short medical cannabis success stories.

Crohn’s disease
A 44 yo woman was certified 4 years ago. She says that cannabis is working very well. Her sleep is much Improved. Both her abdominal pain and her arthritis pain have been reduced. She also experiences less anxiety. For her, medical cannabis slows down the gut and reduces diarrhea.

Sleep apnea
A 53 yo man was certified four months ago. He says that cannabis is working excellent. His sleep has been improved; most nights he now sleeps seven hours. The patient feels much more relaxed. It also helps to greatly reduce his joint pain. Even his eyesight is clearer and improved. The patient experiences much less anxiety as well.

PTSD and chronic pain
41 yo man was certified two years ago. He says that cannabis helps with pain and gives him a brighter outlook at life. It reduces his stress and is a big help with his sleep. His anxiety is also greatly reduced.

Chronic pain due to trauma
42 yo man certified four months ago. He says that cannabis is working to mellow out his pain. And it makes it bearable for him to live. His memory and balance are much better since stopping the other pain meds. He reports that he sleeps much better. His restless leg syndrome improved. The patient was able to get off all his pain medications including: Naproxen and Gabapentin. He is also off Ambien which he used to take for sleep.

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If you have qualifying conditions such as chronic pain or PTSD that were caused through your employment, the cost of cannabis may be covered by Work Comp. If you feel you have a claim, please call our office; we can help you take the steps to file.

Weight Management is available at Life Medical

Our NeuroResearch protocol is a unique and effective way to manage your weight

Below is an excerpt from our page on weight management.
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For most people weight loss is not possible without adequate appetite suppression and that is one of the biggest benefits of NeuroResearch supplements

Hunger is the most powerful drive we possess. It overrides all our other wants and desires. It may be different for different people: some can feel a physical sense of hunger, some get irritable when hungry, some get a headache, but no one can deny their body for a long time. We may exercise the force of will for some period of time and lose some weight, but in the end 98% of us fail and gain the weight back.

  1. To ensure your success we suppress your appetite to the point where you can comfortably eat very little and lose weight as fast as is safely possible.
  2. We use natural nutritional supplements as medicine. It is Dr. Mirman's opinion that there is no appetite suppressant on the market that even approaches the effectiveness of the NeuroResearch protocol. These supplements are available at our clinic.
  3. We continue appetite suppression into the maintenance phase of the program. We consider obesity to be a chronic incurable condition, which requires constant maintenance for optimal control. The supplement doses may be lower in maintenance phase, but most people will need to continue taking some of them to remain in healthy weight.

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CHECK HERE for the list of qualifying conditions for medical cannabis in Minnesota

Unfortunately, because of some changes that the State of Minnesota recently made with the expiration of the COVID peacetime emergency, new cannabis certifications can no longer be done virtually. Patients need to come to our St. Louis Park clinic location for an in-person appointment.

The only way to bring back initial virtual certifications is to get your legislators on board and get them to change the law to enable them. Dr. Mirman is happy to talk to legislators anywhere in support of this change.

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