Our Doctors at Life Medical would like to remind all patients who are in the MN Medical Cannabis Program that they must have their qualifying condition(s) re-certified on an annual basis. According to our records, you may be due for re-certification at this time.

NOTE: For your convenience patient recertifications can be done in our clinic OR by using the zoom telemedicine platform.

To schedule, please call 952-933-8900 to make an appointment. If your call is routed to voicemail, please leave a message on the Medical Marijuana voicemail. Our schedulers will return your call promptly. You can also reply to this email and the scheduler will get in touch with you.

Dr. Mirman, Dr. Bacaner and Dr. Biel provides expert ongoing follow-up care for cannabis patients and uses other complementary therapies to treat their conditions. Many times the doctors at Life Medical are able to use one or more other effective treatments to decrease or even eliminate the need for cannabis.

Call our office at 952-933-8900 to make an appointment.

CLICK HERE for more information on the annual re-enrollment process:

CLICK HERE to listen to Dr. Jacob Mirman as he talks about medical cannabis success stories on the KQRS morning show

Dr. Jacob Mirman of Life Medical was a guest on Tom Barnard’s KQRS morning show on 1/13. Here are some highlights of his interview:
“I really enjoy helping patients get on medical cannabis. It is better and safer for pain relief than Tylenol or Ibuprofen. The results that patients get are usually better than anything else they have tried. I get blessed by patients for doing certifications frequently.
And soon chronic pain will be officially added to the list of qualifying conditions. I have been treating pain under the approved category of intractable pain, but this new description of chronic pain will help avoid confusion.
Tom has been coming to see me at Life Medical for almost two years. He has said many times on his program how much it has helped him with his PTSD and has helped him greatly with his sleep. He used to have a great deal of trouble sleeping at night and now he sleeps six hours a night.”

Here are some success story examples from Dr. Mirman’s appearance on the KQRS Morning Show:

“I recently treated a 16 year old autistic boy who went on medical cannabis. It has made him much calmer and at the same time his schoolwork is much better.”
“A male patient who has suffered from ulcerative colitis for a number of years came to see me a few years ago. He started on medical cannabis about two years ago, experienced very good symptomatic improvement, and recently we added homeopathic treatment. Now that homeopathic treatment has helped, he uses almost no cannabis for relief of symptoms”
“People have great improvements in the area of sleep with medical cannabis. Some with sleep apnea are able to get rid of the CPAP machine. Others are better able to tolerate it. And the dosage most often does not need to be increased; people don’t build up an immunity to it like some people do with sleeping pills/traditional pharmaceuticals. Because patients sleep better they have much more energy during the day and see their lives improving in a variety of ways.”
“I have seen Alzheimer’s patients use cannabis. It lowers their anxiety level and their level of emotional distress. By eliminating these issues it gives comfort to these patients.”
“A man came in to see me who was having debilitating daily migraines. Since he has started using medical cannabis he is now down to only a couple migraines per month. And when he feels one starting he can vape the cannabis and get fast relief.”
“Many people with seizure disorders are using medical cannabis. Some use it in combination with drugs prescribed by their physicians and many have been able to wean off the drugs and use only medical cannabis.”
“Medical cannabis is not prescribed for weight loss. However is it a welcome side effect for many patients. The main reason is that patients are sleeping better at night, and experiencing less anxiety. Therefore they are more energetic and active during the day and this extra activity results in weight loss. Also, improved sleep and better sense of well-being have direct appetite suppressing effect, causing weight loss in overweight people. We have had reports of losing anywhere from 20 pounds to 75 pounds in 1 year without making extra effort.”

Call 952-933-8900 to make an appointment.