Why do I practice homeopathy?

With this blog I am starting my new Homeopathic Case of the Week series.  This is where I get to boast.

So today a patient told me: its amazing!  I’ve had asthma since age 7, and it is gone for the first time.  I could never run.  Now I can run 6 miles.  I told this to my doctor, but she just sneered and said, let’s test you.  The test confirmed: no asthma.

This is a 37 year old very highly educated woman with multiple issues, all slowly improving.  She is treated according to standard classical homeopathic protocol, with a single remedy.

Knocking on wood, spitting 3 times over my left shoulder, etc.  Yes, I am superstitious.

So why do I practice homeopathy?  Because it is fun!

For more info on homeopathy: www.BookOnHealing.com