Integrative Medicine


Integrative Medicine

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At Life Medical, healing is understood to be a process that – in addition to providing symptomatic relief – ultimately leads to greater wellbeing, vitality, and self-awareness. To achieve this lofty goal, we integrate conventional medicine with innovative modalities: homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, herbal medicine, low-level laser therapy, and more thus creating a cohesive, interconnected healthcare system (rather than simply adding on disconnected “alternative” therapies without tightly integrating them in the clinic’s healthcare system).

By offering a wide range of healthcare options to its diverse patient population, our clinic has transformed the central role of the personal physician in the health of patients, families, and the local community. Our private practice clinic highly values the individual — on average, we spend nearly twice the time per patient visit compared with practitioners in larger medical settings. We also see many extended families across multiple generations. We take the time to get to know our clients, both as patients and as people, and we respect their individual histories and cultural backgrounds.

We offer a unique balance of cutting-edge treatments and therapies with experienced providers who are compassionate. We believe this integration provides a higher level of services for our patients, compared with more traditional, narrower treatment methods. It also enables us to offer the most appropriate treatment options, including some of the latest medical technologies.

Through integrative medicine, we place an emphasis on treating the whole person with a focus on wellness, health and the patient-physician relationship.

What is Integrative Medicine? We couldn’t say it any better than Dr. Larry Malerba in his latest blog post What Is the ‘Green’ Medicine Revolution? Call it what you want, the idea is the same. He writes:

One Size Does Not Fit All:

The rising green revolution will not settle for the conventional medical status quo. Green medicine transcends the cookie-cutter model that erroneously believes that most, if not all, persons with the same medical condition should respond to the same treatment. It seeks to improve upon the pharmaceutical/surgical tunnel vision of corporate medicine in search of therapies that are safer and more effective. Green practitioners understand that human health and illness cannot be reduced to a simple set of rules and confined to a predetermined group of favored therapeutic options. The green medical perspective views conventional medical science as just one way to approach the complex mysteries of the symptomatic expressions of the body-heart-mind-soul.