Popularity of Homeopathy and Tom Barnard

Tom Barnard is an outspoken fan of medical cannabis and Dr. Mirman

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After leaving KQRS, Tom Barnard joined Hubbard radio for a new podcast partnership. Dr. Mirman was recently featured as a guest on his show.

The Tom Barnard Morning Show Podcast, is produced, distributed and sold by Hubbard and airs from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. weekday show. It is streamed live on video and audio, with the podcast also available on-demand. Barnard is joined by a co-host, producer, and a number of other guests and contributors. Several patients, Tom’s fans, have asked Dr. Mirman what happened to Tom since he left KQRS. This is where you can listen to him again.

Update on the cannabis bill which continues to “make progress” in the MN legislature.

The bill to legalize recreational marijuana (cannabis) in Minnesota has been a “confusing ride” for residents trying to keep track of where the bill stands. In a nutshell, both chambers of MN legislature voted for adult use legalization.

It is not clear when the bill will move to final passage in each chamber but the session ends on May 22 which gives lawmakers a short time to get the bill to the governor’s desk. The governor has publicly stated that he will sign the bill.

In the bill’s current state the Medical Cannabis program has been preserved, but there is still uncertainly as to how the pharmacists will be funded. Currently we believe that the growers will continue to fund them but that remains to be seen. It is our understanding that at this point, the currently licensed growers (Green Goods and Rise) are required to maintain medical cannabis availability as a condition of recreational licensure. Medical cannabis will be tax exempt for patients. Pharmacists continue to manage treatment. Therefore, it appears the law is good for both recreational and medical consumers.

The pharmacists are a crucial part of the medical cannabis program which is why at Life Medical we have been lobbying hard to retain their services. They help patients optimize medical cannabis treatment. When medical cannabis patients don’t/can’t take advantage of these pharmacists they do not get optimal results.

Homeopathic Medicine:
A Leading Alternative for MDs in Europe

Dr. Mirman provides the same expert homeopathic treatments right here in Minnesota.

Dana Ullman, MPH, CCH is a journalist and homeopath, and writes many articles about homeopathy. He has compiled information on how popular and effective homeopathy is in a number of European countries.

He asserts that numerous surveys have shown that people seeking homeopathic treatment tend to be more educated than people who don’t. His research has found that homeopathy is the leading alternative treatment used in Europe. According to Dana Ullman, homeopathy is HUGELY popular amongst many health and medical professionals.

Dr. Jacob Mirman is an expert in homeopathy. If you are interested in exploring this effective type of alternative treatment, Click Here for his website explaining this medical modality.

In addition to homeopathy's impressive popularity in Europe, it is actually even more popular in India where over 100 million people depend solely on this form of medical care.

There will always be skeptics of any kind of medical treatment. Skeptics of homeopathy try to claim that homeopathic medicines do not work, yet they cannot explain how so many people use and rely upon this system of medicine to treat themselves successfully for so many acute and chronic diseases. A very large number of these people do not have to use anything else. History shows a strong case for the scientific and historical evidence for homeopathy.

Homeopathy's growing popularity throughout the world amongst physicians, other health professionals, and educated populations continue to prove that skeptics are really simply medical fundamentalists.

Three out of the four Europeans know about homeopathy and understand what it is. 29 percent use it for their own health care. In other words, approximately 100 million Europeans use homeopathic medicines.

Because of homeopathy's impressive and growing popularity in Europe, this alternative treatment poses a significant threat to conventional medicine, which may explain why there are ongoing efforts to attack it (and homeopaths) using devious and questionably ethical means.

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