COVID-19; another great reason to stop smoking

Everyone knows that smoking is a significant cause of cardiovascular and respiratory disease.

Early data shows that these issues make patients who smoke more susceptible for COVID-19 and the complications from the virus. Which is why there are more good reasons now than ever before for smokers to quit smoking.

LISTEN TO Dr. Mirman talk about idea on how to quit smoking on the KQRS Monring Show 5/11/2020

Believe it or not many patients have quit smoking simply by reading a book!

A patient came in to see me and asked for a prescription for Chantix which is the most popular pharmaceutical to help people stop smoking.

Instead of prescribing Chantix I suggested that he get this book which in many cases seems to be even more effective than Chantix. It was written by Allen Carr and it is called “Allen Carr’s Easy Way to Stop Smoking”.

The book is very interesting. The author smoked three packs of cigarettes a day and couldn’t figure out how to quit and eventually figured out that he needed to overcome something in his mind. So he wrote a book about what he figured out. It only takes a few hours to read. A large proportion of people who simply read the book and do nothing else quit smoking. It basically brainwashes you somehow. I’ve had quite a few patients who have actually quit smoking.

Besides recommending the book I also use other techniques to help patients quit smoking including medications, acupuncture and hypnosis. Call our office at 952-333-8900 to schedule a telemedicine appointment or CLICK HERE


“Dr. Mirman you were absolutely right. The only way to stop smoking is to start and follow through the book. I am more of a person who learns from audiobooks and this absolutely worked. I had my last cigarette 12 days ago, my LAST CIGARETTE. At 57 years old and smoking cigarettes I would be dead if I was exposed to this virus if I continued to smoke cigarettes.”

The governor announced that Minnesotans can resume elective medical visits and procedures as of May 11th.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for telemedicine visits or if necessary for in-clinic visits for ANY medical issues!

We are here for you for any kinds of issues you may have; if you think you may have COVID, if you have allergies/asthma, chronic issues or any mental health issues that need to be managed.

When asked about the capabilities of telemedicine, Dr. Mirman replied “We do just about everything right now using telemedicine. My days consist of talking to patients on the phone or via zoom for all types of issues general management of chronic issues, as well as new medical issues etc. Patients that need help with mental issues should also make a telemedicine appointment. Actually right now we are not seeing that many COVID patients. So other patients do not have to worry about taking up an appointment from a COVID patient.”