Article – Homeopathy and COVID-19

Homeopathy Can Be Effective As a Part of COVID-19 Treatment Protocol

Dear patient,
I have mentioned in one of these newsletters in the past that homeopathy can be very helpful in COVID cases. We are now seeing an escalation of the disease in Minnesota and I wanted to remind people that homeopathy can be an effective treatment option when used as a part of appropriate standard of care protocol.

It should be used before the patient’s symptoms get so advanced that they have to be hospitalized. Homeopathy may help to prevent bad outcomes and the need for hospitalization. And while it is probably also effective in hospitalized cases, getting the treatment to the patient when they are in a hospital is next to impossible.

For comprehensive information on the use of homeopathy in epidemics click here:


  • Homeopathy has an impressive 200-year record of effectiveness in epidemic diseases such as cholera, pneumonia, typhus, influenza - including the 1918 flu pandemic, with a fraction of the mortality rates seen with conventional treatment. More info:
  • Professional homeopaths all over the world are successfully treating individuals with COVID. *Minnesota Homeopathic Association practitioners are standing by, ready to help. Cases can be taken virtually and remedies either included at no charge or inexpensively acquired in health food stores.
  • Dr. Mirman sees patients with covid on zoom. Visits can be billed to health insurance, as with any other conditions. Prescribed homeopathic remedies, if appropriate, are available at the clinic at no charge. They are also available from most health food stores, Whole Foods, etc. Many people choose to buy a remedy kit to have at home for easy access, just in case:
  • See this page for currently available classes on the use of homeopathy in acute epidemic disease for the public and professionals: The classes are taught at no charge by MN homeopaths.

Jacob Mirman, MD, DHt, CCH
VP, Minnesota Homeopathic Association
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*Minnesota homeopaths or licensed practitioners provide homeopathic care in accordance with Minn. Statutes, Chapter 146A, Complementary and Alternative Health Care Practices