Article – Great News for the New Year!

Good news for the most popular New Year’s resolution and good news for patients using medical cannabis.

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Dr. Mirman offers a unique weight management program using supplements for a simple, no-nonsense way to lose weight

Our program includes a few very simple steps to take to manage your weight:

1. Reduce your caloric intake
This is necessary with any effective weight management program, but can be achieved in different ways, depending on the program. We teach you how to figure out and change your own diet without buying any special foods.

If you would like to contact Dr. Jacob Mirman to find out more about this unique and effective weight management program, call the clinic at 952-933-8900 to schedule an appointment.

2. Take the right steps to suppress your appetite.
Some form of appetite suppression is necessary for effective reduction of calorie intake. Willpower does not work for the majority of the population. We recommend NeuroResearch Protocol (NR) nutritional supplements.

Advantages of Neuro Research Protocol vs. medications:

  • Drugs stop working after a couple of months. The NR supplements never stop working.
  • These supplements have other secondary benefits that can help you achieve other resolutions including reducing depression, helping with issues like anxiety, ADHD, PTSD and more.

The advantage of NR Protocol vs. other diets is that you can eat whatever kind of food you want, as long as you keep the calorie count down.

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Good news for the new year for cannabis patients!

Dr. Mirman testified at the Minnesota State Legislature, and along with other dedicated people was instrumental in getting them to approve using dried cannabis flower for medical cannabis patients.

This is very good news because it should significantly reduce the cost of medical cannabis.

Below is the announcement from the Minnesota Department of Health Office of Medical Cannabis:

Dried cannabis flower available for medical cannabis patients starting in March

Patients registered in Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program will be eligible to buy dried cannabis flower for smoking from the state’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries starting March 1.

In preparation for the change, registered patients interested in smokable cannabis can make an appointment for a consultation with a Medical Cannabis Dispensary pharmacist beginning today (Feb. 1) so they will be pre-approved to buy pre-packaged dried flower and pre-rolls once available.

Consultations are required when a patient changes the type of medical cannabis they receive. Smokable cannabis may be available a few days before March 1, if the state’s relevant administrative rules are finalized early. Patients should check with their Medical Cannabis Dispensary or the Office of Medical Cannabis website for updates.

Sale is limited to registered patients, caregivers 21 years or older

The sale of smokable cannabis is limited to patients and caregivers who are 21 years or older and who are registered with the Medical Cannabis Program. Proof of age will be required when picking up smokable medical cannabis. Scheduling an appointment at a Medical Cannabis Dispensary ahead of time is strongly recommended.

“Patients need to weigh the risks of smoking medical cannabis, including those related to secondhand smoke and lung health, with any potential benefits,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Jan Malcolm. “Smokable cannabis may not be right for everyone; patients should have a conversation with their health care practitioner for guidance.”

Other details

  • Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Dispensaries will offer pre-packaged dried flower and pre-rolls in a variety of strains and levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). Registered patients can get up to a 90-day supply of smokable cannabis.
  • The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) expects patient enrollment to double or triple, based on the experiences of other states that added dried flower to their medical cannabis program. In an October 2021 survey by the Office of Medical Cannabis (OMC), enrolled patients were asked if they were likely to try smokable cannabis when it becomes available. Of the respondents, 71% said they were very likely or somewhat likely to try it.
  • Patients who decide to use smokable cannabis are encouraged to learn where smoking medical cannabis is and is not allowed. Registered patients can only use medical cannabis within Minnesota. Medical cannabis can be used on private property, but not in public places where it is illegal to smoke or vape tobacco. Medical cannabis cannot be smoked or vaped where a minor could be exposed to secondhand smoke or vapor. For more information, go to Guidance on Where to Use Medical Cannabis.
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