Article – Effective drug-free PTSD treatments

Dr. Jacob Mirman and his team at Life Medical are experts in treating PTSD

Because we are a full service clinic that specializes in integrative medicine, we offer a variety of effective drug-free PTSD treatments for veterans and non-veterans alike. In many cases we use multiple treatment types including:

It’s easy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mirman; PTSD patients are offered a FREE INITIAL VIRTUAL CONSULTATION via phone at 952-933-8900 or email at


Most PTSD patients get amazing benefits from cannabis, and most can stop taking their tranquilizers. The medications most commonly prescribed to help people with PTSD often don’t work well. Plus, there is a risk of unpleasant side effects with most of these pharmaceuticals. With medical cannabis our goal is to eventually reduce the use. Most patients will be significantly better after using cannabis for a few months. This is when we really take a look at adding other modalities/treatment methods to treat their conditions.

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After a few months, the patients’ lives are improved; they have fewer symptoms, less pain, and they are sleeping better. If they were experiencing PTSD, it is much more in control; they are now able to go out in public, they are much happier and their family life is better. All of this is the typical scenario within the initial 3-4 months of using cannabis.

At this point we start looking at how to make the patient better permanently using other types of treatments because cannabis is basically just “symptom relief”.


Homeopathy can also be successfully used for PTSD patients. Homeopathy is an unusual medical modality. Homeopathic remedies are administered in the form of a medicated sugar pellet or a drop of liquid that can be taken by mouth. In PTSD cases they work a bit like debugging programs that help us improve our perception of reality by removing the “bugs” introduced by stressful events and allow us to become more functional. It may sound too incredible, but this 200-year-old system of medicine has survived multiple attempts to discredit it, and its practitioners are now more numerous than ever. In fact, it now boasts a large body of medical research that proves its effectiveness as compared to placebo (a sugar pill). Many patients with depression and anxiety can be permanently relieved of their complaints with a single well-chosen homeopathic remedy. Patients will only need to be on homeopathic remedies until they achieve their desired state of health, so in most cases it is not a life-long treatment.


Many patients also achieve deep improvements when treated with Bach essences. They are somewhat similar to homeopathy but in many cases easier to prescribe, requiring less time and allowing for the treatment to be determined within a regular insurance-covered visit.


Acupuncture works by affecting the body’s energy, helping patients in a similar way to homeopathy. It is often beneficial in mood disorders and has been used on patients with PTSD. It is often covered by insurance.


This is a supplement-based method which helps in mood disorders and has been quite effective in PTSD cases. The two case studies below show how effective this treatment using supplements can be.


Many PTSD patients get good results with mental health approaches such as eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) or hypnotherapy, as well as conventional talk therapy.

The mental health providers at Life Medical are skilled in treating PTSD, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders.

It’s easy to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mirman; PTSD patients are offered a FREE INITIAL VIRTUAL CONSULTATION via phone at 952-933-8900 or email at