Article – Celebrating the Year with Cannabis Success Stories


“I have been qualifying patients for medical cannabis for many years and I see patients each week who have seen significant improvements in their health as it relates to the qualifying conditions of medical marijuana,” says Dr. Jacob Mirman.

“An added bonus of treating patients with cannabis is that often they experience some excellent ‘side benefits’ as part of their treatments. We’ve compiled some interesting success stories below.”

NOTE: While medical cannabis seemed to help some of our patients to better control diabetes, asthma, depression and some other conditions, these conditions do not qualify a patient to be on medical cannabis in Minnesota. These improvements must be considered as positive side effects that have occurred while another qualifying condition was being treated. We do not recommend stopping conventional treatment for these or other conditions as soon as cannabis is started.

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A middle-aged obese man with chronic pain and type 2 diabetes came in to be certified. He required daily insulin and had been taking anti-depressants and high blood pressure pills for more than thirty years. He heard about the medical benefits of medical cannabis and finally decided to try it.

After taking medical cannabis for many months, he had incredible results. He lost 70 pounds. He no longer suffers from type 2 diabetes; no longer requires daily insulin. His blood pressure has improved so much that he doesn’t need his medication. Both his physical and mental health is better than it has been in 20 years. He is delighted with the results and so is his primary physician. His pain is much improved.

A woman in her 30’s with Tourette Syndrome came in for an appointment and her condition was unmistakable at first glance. She had constant tics, grunts, and was prone to swearing in public. During the certification appointment she was very tense as a result of trying to control her symptoms and to remain civil.

After being on medical cannabis for a length of time she is doing great. This woman says that cannabis has been completely life changing. The tics and swearing and symptoms that her Tourette Syndrome caused are much improved. She can now sit calmly during an appointment and has regained a very good quality of life.

A male patient in his 40’s qualified for medical cannabis because of intractable back pain. In his words, medical cannabis “is a miracle” because his pain level is down from a 9 out of 10 to almost zero.

He was able to stop taking 15 different medications including 4 heavy-duty pain medications. As an added unforeseen bonus, he was also able to stop the Prednisone he was taking for his asthma which has improved greatly.

“In my opinion, marijuana is the best pain medication of any pain medication available today either prescription or over the counter,” says Dr. Jacob Mirman. "It is much safer than opioids, and even safer than over-the-counter drugs like Ibuprofen (Advil) and Tylenol. That may seem hard to believe but it is true, and I have proof. Not only can cannabis be incredibly effective there are few if any side effects and no risk of overdose."

A 30-year-old man was having debilitating daily migraines. Since starting on medical cannabis, he now has only a few migraines per month. He could not be happier with the results and feels like “he has gotten his life back”. Now when he feels a migraine starting, he can vape the cannabis and get incredibly fast relief. One of the great benefits of medical cannabis is that different versions of the drug can be used depending on the patient’s needs. Vaping can be very effective for migraine sufferers because it can bring such quick relief/improvement.

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A male patient who qualified for cannabis due to pain got excellent results for his pain. He also had diabetes. A welcome side effect was that medical marijuana was very beneficial for diabetes. When he started the process, he was taking 90 units of insulin a day and he was also on Metformin with an A1C of 13.5. When he came in a year later to get re-certified, he lost quite a bit of weight, he was off the Metformin and down to only 16 units of insulin; which equated to an 80% reduction in insulin. His A1C was 6.5. As a third bonus he found that his PTSD had dramatically improved.

A 53 year-old man who was experiencing fibromyalgia, and chronic pain from multiple injuries came in to the clinic. He was taking an opiate called Oxycodone five times a day and he was also taking Naproxen which is a fairly dangerous drug. He started with medical marijuana within two months he was completely off all his prescription pain medications. His pain level is now manageable and he has not experienced any side effects from the cannabis. For him this has been a completely life-changing treatment. And his success seems to be the norm vs. the exception.

A 5 year-old girl with autism used medical cannabis and her parents say that it is working very well. Previously she only slept 3 hours per night and now she is able to sleep 8 hours a night. She used to have behavioral meltdowns so violent that she would hit her head. Her meltdowns have completely stopped since using medical cannabis. Her parents scored the effectiveness of cannabis at 7 out of 7 and said that their daughter experienced virtually no side effects.

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