Virtual Doc®

Virtual Doc offers on-line medical information accessibility for a small monthly fee.

For only $15.00 per month per person, you can ask any medically related question you wish, and we will provide answers within 24 hours, to the extent possible, and without seeing you in person.

Some topics we can help with:

  • Deciding if an in-person appointment is needed, and setting it up if necessary;
    Suggesting which specialist you may need to see and which laboratory tests you might need;
  • If you have a different primary care physician, we can help you formulate important questions to ask at your next visit;
  • If you are uninsured or have a high deductible, you may save money by avoiding unnecessary in-person visits.

Disclaimer: We do not make definitive diagnosis and treatment decisions based on email or telephone communications. For a definitive diagnosis / treatment recommendations, the patient must be seen by a practitioner.

To enroll, please follow the PayPal link below and register for a subscription. PayPal will charge your bank account or your credit card monthly, unless you cancel the subscription by clicking the Cancel Subscription button below. We do not have access to your financial information from PayPal. If you have never used PayPal, you will find it easy to sign-up, and it is completely secure.

First and Last Name
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Once you have subscribed, click on the name of the doctor with whom you would like to communicate; add the first and last name of the person you are communicating about after the word "subscription" in the subject field; and ask your question. Please include any phone numbers you can be reached at, and the best times to reach you, in the event the doctor wishes to call you.

Alex A. Axelrod, MD Alex A. Axelrod, MD
Medical Director

US Civil Surgeon
Diplomate of American Board of Family Practice.
Assistant Clinical Professor, University of Minnesota Medical School

Jacob I. Mirman, MD, DHt Jacob I. Mirman, MD, DHt
Integrative Therapy Director

US Civil Surgeon
Internal Medicine
Weight Management and Mood Disorders



Detail from our Russian folk art collection

Detail from our Russian folk art collection